Hosted Events

20 Hour Special (almost 20,000 Attendees) - Thank you to everyone that participated in this 20+ hour event

Hosted Event (11K Attendees) - Great 6+ hour event held by @YKdojo

Hosted Event (2K Attendees) - Great session with many actionable tips, held by @W0rldWideJess

Hosted Event (2K Attendees) - Web Series Coauthored by @Lawrence and @AritDeveloper.

Sponsored Event (14K Attendees) - Thank you to the everyone who participated in this 1+ hour event.

Hosted Event (21K Attendees) - Had a talk with Areaous and Elizabeth on different ways designers can price their services

Latest Projects


Javascript, Bootstrap, Sass, Node.js, & Express.js - Platform to help build momentous milestones along with your friends and family! Travelara makes Dream Trips a Reality!
Demo account:
Demo password: demo

Rigley 2: "Flappy Bug"

Javascript & Phaser.js - The awaited sequel sees our Rigley friend jumping through firewalls "Flappy Bird" style.

Matching Cards

HTML5, CSS3, & Javascript - With over 100 different cards, test your memory in these three popular trading card themes, Pokemon, Yugioh, & Magic: The Gathering!


MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js - Web application that can help you find organizations to donate to and keep track of your charitable givings.

Shoppies Movie Search

Javascript & Confetti.js - Search site where you can find out where you can watch your favorite movies.

Anime List

Bootstrap, Javascript, Node.js, Express.Js - Web application where you can find and save your favorite manga and anime


Latest Videos

Travelara Launch Day: Exclusive Demo

MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js - Web application that can help you find organizations to donate to and keep track of your charitable givings.

Getting a Tech Job - Shawn Charles

@FrancescoCuillo YouTube Channel - Interview about my journey and tips about getting a job in tech

Resilient Coders Bootcamp Review

Hosted by @TechRally - 3 Resilient Coders alumni talk about their experience with the coding bootcamp. We talked about their positives and negatives during their time, as well as advice for future students. Hope you enjoy!

How To Start Freelancing in 2022!

Community taught with @LeonNoel - Class fifteen of a 30 week software engineering bootcamp being offered on Twitch for those affected by the pandemic. It is aimed at helping folx launch a new career in software engineering with a focus on web development!

Reviewing YOUR GitHub Sponsors page

5 Star Review by @EddieJaoude - Increase your chances of getting sponsored on GitHub by customising your GitHub Sponsors page. We will chat about what makes a good GitHub Sponsors page and learn from each other.

ABC6 Local Philadelphia News

Featured on channel 6 news - Quick appearence on the philadelphia local news channel and website

Blog Posts

Automate Your Tasks: Creating Bots using Selenium IDE

Browser Automation and Selenium IDE - Get ready to say goodbye to those tedious, repetitive browser tasks and say hello to a more productive life! In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to Selenium IDE, a powerful tool that can help you

The Ultimate Guide to the Top Ten Tech Conferences of 2023

Tech Conference, Networking Events, and International Meetups - These events are not just conferences; they are a goldmine of opportunities, a hub of brilliant minds, and a platform for the latest trends in technology.

API First Authentication: Shaping a Passwordless Future with Stytch

Authentication, Developer Community, and Authorization - In the ever-evolving world of technology, one company stands out as a beacon of innovation and security: Stytch. This San Francisco-based company is revolutionizing the way developers approach user management.

Impact of AI Assistants: Sourcegraph’s Cody and the Future of Coding

Sourcegraph, Cody, and AI Assistants - Cody is not just a tool; it’s a reliable companion that assists developers in writing code, identifying and fixing bugs, and maintaining codebases.