Web App Development

Front-end and back-end web development and design, from wireframes and UI/UX design, to Full Stack Web Applications

UI/UX Design

Human-centered approach to all design decisions so that products feel custom built for the target audience and is easy-to-navigate

Responsive Design

Built to look and perform beautifully on all types of devices, with a page structure that is logical and helps users (and search engines) browse efficiently

Business Strategy

Marketing & advertsing strategy that utilizes online and offline based technologies to promote your services and grow your brand

Latest Projects

Javascript, Bootstrap, Sass, Node.js, & Express.js - Travelara makes dream vacations come true by offering a platform to help build momentous milestones along with your friends and family! Travelara makes Dream Trips a Reality!

Rigley 2: "Flappy Bug"

Javascript & Phaser.js - The awaited sequel sees our Rigley friend jumping through firewalls "Flappy Bird" style.

Matching Cards

HTML5, CSS3, & Javascript - With over 100 different cards, test your memory in these three popular trading card themes, Pokemon, Yugioh, & Magic: The Gathering!


MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js - Web application that can help you find organizations to donate to and keep track of your charitable givings.

Shoppies Movie Search

Javascript & Confetti.js - Search site where you can find out where you can watch your favorite movies.

Anime List

Bootstrap, Javascript, Node.js, Express.Js - Web application where you can find and save your favorite manga and anime