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Tech Roadmaps - 5 Steps on your Career Journey

Covers everything ranging from learning and networking to interviewing, negotiating, and finally investing in a business.

Tech Spaces - Communities to Join

Various talks, tips, and advice on topics ranging from networking and interviewing to transitioning into tech and dealing with imposter syndrome.

Free Gems

Music to Live - by Lofi Girl

Curated collection of lo-fi music featuring Lofi Girl and various other relaxing vibes. This playlist is designed to enhance focus and create a calming ambiance for studying or simply enjoying a laid-back atmosphere.

Motivational Playlist to Get Productive

Compilation of inspiring talks, success stories, and valuable advice on personal growth and self-improvement. This playlist aims to motivate and empower listeners to boost their productivity and achieve their goals by providing a wealth of uplifting content

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Find Communities - Get Connected!

A hub for various tech communities, platforms and resources you can use and join.

Start Networking - Get Connected

Networking Hub for various tech professionals. It provides a list of individuals from various tech fields, including software engineering, data analysis, developer advocacy, and more, with options to connect with them.

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Tech Value Shop - Invest in your Career!

Various mentorship programs and courses to help individuals advance their tech careers. The offerings range from a quick 25-minute meeting to a full year of mentorship, with additional resources like a Twitter & LinkedIn guide, coding interview questions, a resume and job search strategy course, and early career mentorship.

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Who's Buying the Sandwichs? - list of individual sponsors, with names like Jae Taylor, Pedro Sanders, and Señor Pinky 🇵🇷, as well as brand sponsors like Mentor Mesh.